At Baker & Taylor, we believe that literacy is a universal right and that books are the gateway to knowledge and opportunities. As the leading distributor of books, music, and video to institutions, libraries, and retail markets, we are passionate about ensuring that technology enables equal access to the right to read. By leveraging our strong relationships with a vast network of publishers, we are expanding our distribution of best-in-class digital and physical content. Our focus on engineering with universal design concepts continues to provide our customers with the same book, at the same time, regardless of the computing device being used. This goal applies to applications we develop to deliver content, as well as to websites and other forms of communication which provide information and consumer access to our products and services.

More than the specific techniques and technology needed for accessibility, fulfilling our commitment means ongoing awareness—awareness that our products must be designed with universal access in mind. Examples of this include:

  • When books are rendered for reading using a visual display, our products must also be designed to provide a rich reading experience to customers and patrons with print disabilities.
  • Enhancements may consist of print-to-speech technologies, various accessible fonts, and contrast options.
  • Designing a user interface that prioritizes keyboard navigation so that buttons, links, or other controls can be accessed and activated by a keyboard command rather than relying solely on mouse commands, or, when a touch screen interface is available, assuring that gestures provided for accessible use of the technology are correctly implemented in our application.

Baker & Taylor strives to maintain the accessibility of our websites and products based on the 508 standards and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, a set of design recommendations by the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility Initiative.

Rather than being simply a specific checklist of do’s and don’t’s, accessibility means providing an interface that is flexible, adaptable and a joy to use in order to meet the diverse needs of individuals of all learning styles. Although the exact strategies used to provide accessibility may vary from one platform to another, our goal is to deliver consistent and equal access in all our products on all platforms to the extent achievable. Early planning to meet this goal is essential to ensure that accessibility is a firm foundational aspect of the development lifecycle rather than a feature upgrade or an afterthought.

The principles expressed in this statement are not only part of the history, culture, and core mission of Baker & Taylor, but are also one of our top tier values in delivering world class content and technology to the widest possible population of customers and patrons. While specific responsibilities relating to accessibility will be assigned individually and may change from time to time, the commitment to universal design and use of our products and services is a common goal shared by all. Only then will the future be delivered and the right to read be available for people of all abilities.

Baker & Taylor welcomes all feedback and inquiries on the accessibility of our products and services. Please email